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OpenBSD 6.2 song

OpenBSD song Released October 9, 2017 Copyright 1997-2017, Theo de Raadt. 6.2 Song: "A 3 line diff" Lyrics by Carson Harding based upon tale from Theo de Raadt.

Vocals by Johnny Nordstrom, Chris Wynters, Scott Peters (of Captain Tractor). Composition, arrangement, instruments, and recording by Jonathan Lewis. This song was released 13 months after 6.2 due to various factors. Lyrics : [quote]Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful diff, That started on a set of stairs Right by a pizza joint.Art was a mighty coding man, And he was mighty sure The only change that was required Was a three-line diff, a three-line diff. The coding started getting tough, The change began to swell, Despite the confidence of the programmers The system would then crash, the system always crashed. The simple change became complex Just too many things overlooked, With Grabowski, And the testers too, Theo watching and skeptical Miod Vallat, And Kettenis, and Dale, and... Hacking Grabowski's diff. So this is a tale of our programmers, They've been here for 20 years. They'll have to do the best they can, It's an endless task.Grabowski and the others too Will do their very best To get the changes into prod It is an epic slog,No QEMU, only DDB, Not a single luxury, Like Ritchie and Thompson did It's as primitive as can be So check a new diff every week, Your head is sure to hurt While all the puzzled programmers Gawk at Grabowski's diff Working on a marginal diff.[/quote]

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